How Do I Use The Budget For My Independent Film

Creativity comes in many forms, but for the film business it can turn into a bust if you are
Celebrity Style

Get The Kendall Jenner Style

The Kardashians have a huge fans base, and most of this is because of Kim. For a long time
Celebrity Style

Get The Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl Style

When the show “Gossip Girl” was created women were instantly intrigued by a particular character. This was Blair Waldorf.

What Is The Biggest Trend In Tv Dramas

TV dramas have changed in recent years because there is a generational gap. There were times when the good

Chloe Moretz Teen Choice Awards Makeup

Chloe Grace Moretz, who’s only 17 and a nominee for InStyle’s Social Media Award, stunned at the 2014 Teen
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How To Do Hayley Williams Makeup

Singer Hayley Williams is known for her outrageously colored bright orange hair, her stylish clothes and, of course, the

What Is The Role Of The director In A Tv Drama

In both television and film work, there is a director that is in charge of the shoot. It is
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How To Have Hair Like Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is not only a famous ‘superhero’, she is also known for her flowing wavy locks and honey-colored

Seven Dumb Movie Cliches

Both movies and books are known for containing scads of cliches. From love triangles to insta-love, the literary and

What Are The Different Types Of Tv Dramas

TV is currently going through something of a golden age with a wide variety of high quality shows televised

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