Celebrity Gift Bags in the Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards are an exciting time where teen celebrities get to take home the coolest swag bags.

Chloe Moretz Teen Choice Awards Makeup

Chloe Grace Moretz, who’s only 17 and a nominee for InStyle’s Social Media Award, stunned at the 2014 Teen

Teen Choice Awards

Keeping up with fashion trends may be difficult for many, but not for the hot young actors and actresses
Celebrity Fitness

How To Get A Heidi Klum Body

Celebrity Fitness

How To Get A Mel B Body

As a former member of the group Spice Girls, Mel B is remembered as the girl who was sporty
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How To Get A Gavin Henson Body

Gavin Henson is a Rugby player and is very famous and well-known for his sport. Not only is his
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How To Get Penelope Cruz Hair

Penelope Cruz is one of Europe’s most famous actresses. Dramatic, exotic and seductively Spanish, Penelope is known for her
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How To Have Hair Like Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is not only a famous ‘superhero’, she is also known for her flowing wavy locks and honey-colored
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How To Do Anne Hathaway Hair

Going out on the town and need a red carpet hairstyle? Consider the hair style that Anne Hathaway is
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How To Do Adriana Lima Makeup

If you are one of the many women who have looked at Adriana Lima’s make-up and thought, “I want

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